Amanda N. Young


There are some bombs that cannot be dodgedDo I chooseTo take the impact with full force and an open heartTo absorb and yet not be consumed by all that it brings All of the fear and the painlove and comfortjoy of discoverythe hot choking back of an unreleased scream headaches from holding back tears and […]


Not Easy

I have all of these random thoughtsMy mind is looseSpiralingGoing down the rabbit holeOn a journey with no map, noChosen destinationRandomly twelve year old me thinks“Someday, someone is going to want me”And abruptlyThirty three year old me starts cryingThe quiet part of my mind watchesDetachedSurprisedIn exhaustion I feel both the sensations that I am “Okay”and […]


When You Were Here

When you were here I could speak without words When you were here I could listen without sound A kiss for hello A touch for your mine This is language of our old life I miss your hands on my neck And your body on mine I miss your laugh and your moods And the […]