Amanda N. Young


All things have entropy Measured in mass and fullness As we are made up of the universe And its wild decisions i ask Who makes the rules The composition What writes the law The harmony As we fools Trying to read its music Hands reaching for the chords Hoping to understand not just the notes […]



I don’t have an answer. I don’t have a dream that could remotely set free the hurt that keeps me trapped in a place that I cannot name. It is myself. It is my cage. I have put myself here. I have allowed you to put me here. I have made a choice. I have […]



There’s been this blank -in my life A time I needed to heal -and to survive For a while I feared I couldn’t yet move past The quiet pain that kept me locked inside   I told myself I would stay on solid ground There was no one -to be found Who could reach -me […]