past tense: leavened; past participle: leavened
    cause (dough or bread) to ferment and rise by adding leaven.
    synonyms: raise, make rise, puff up, expand

    “yeast leavens the bread”
    permeate and modify or transform (something) for the better.
    “the proceedings should be leavened by humor”
    synonyms: permeate, infuse, pervade, imbue, suffuse, transform; More

    Leavened is a project that include’s media content created with the intent to permeate the restaurant culture with ideas that work to inform, improve upon our experience, and provide levity. 

    A media company that uses education, information, and advocacy in order to promote growth and change within the hospitality industry.  

    We will provide educational content and insight for individuals wanting to grow within their own career, or for their own pleasure, as well and take a broader view of the interconnected impact that our industry has on a global scale.   

    Leavened is currently in R&D mode, with plans to launch a BETA site for testing in 2021.