About Me, Amanda


“I am out with lanterns, looking for myself.”- Emily Dickinson

I would like to imagine that each of us is more than the sum of our parts. Our pasts, experiences, resumes, places, etc. that become a part of who we are but aren’t everything that we are. I would also like to imagine that in my life so far, I have managed to become a more complex and fascinated person with a view of the world that is unique to me.

I grew up in Northern California where I ran barefoot as a wild tomboy with a tendency to break things and read everything I could get my hands on. My need to explore new places led me into a career in cooking. As a Chef I’ve done some traveling, but not enough. By a winding route around the world I found myself back in California for a little while. Studying wine as a Sommelier, learning about sustainability, and trying to come up with new ways to improve the industry I work in. And also just learning how to be better at living a more full and well rounded life. One that includes music, and writing, and people that I love. Wherever I am, I am still on a journey, looking for myself.

Thank you for joining me,


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