About Me, Amanda


“I am out with lanterns, looking for myself.”- Emily Dickinson

Quick rundown of my qualifications: I began working as a cook in 2007. I have worked my way through some intense kitchens. With names like Thomas Keller, Christian Puglisi, Dominique Crenn, Christopher Kostow, etc. I have staged and traveled with my knife bag to many places, experiencing new ideas. My work in the kitchen has been varied, including savory, pastry, and bread. In the last couple of years I have shifted focus to widening my understanding of the whole restaurant. I have served as a pastry chef/staff sommelier with Master Sommelier Matt Stamp and Ryan Stetins at Compline in Napa, and as a Captain and Sommelier for Bar Crenn in San Francisco. I have served as a consultant for Tech Companies, Cancer Doctors, new Restaurant Startups, and Bakeries.

And Then something personal: I would like to imagine that each of us is more than the sum of our parts. Our pasts, experiences, resumes, places, etc. that become a part of who we are but aren’t everything that we are. I would also like to imagine that in my life so far, I have managed to become a more complex and fascinated person with a view of the world that is unique to me.

I grew up in Northern California where I ran barefoot as a wild tomboy with a tendency to break things and read everything I could get my hands on. My need to explore new places led me into a career in cooking. As a Chef I’ve done some traveling, but not enough. By a winding route around the world I found myself back in California for a little while. Studying wine as a Sommelier, learning about sustainability, and trying to come up with new ways to improve the industry I work in. And also just learning how to be better at living a more full and well rounded life. One that includes music, and writing, and people that I love. Wherever I am, I am still on a journey, looking for myself.

Thank you for joining me,


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