Bakers and Baguettes

“Bakers and their Baguettes. In Paris, small artisan bake shops rarely produce baguettes because people place a ceiling on how much they will pay for one baguette, meaning most are made in larger production bakeries. The conversation we should be having is how to adjust our value of this craft that takes mostly labor, time, and deep care. Bakers transform grain into a nutritional digestible food. The world as we know it would be much different without them.” – From Karen Man

“We need to rethink the way we value what we put in our bodies.”

Karen Man is an incredible person who happens to make beautiful bread, among other wonderful things. We have had many conversations about the value of food and the labor and unseen costs behind it. Bread is one of the commodities that we take for granted. I hope we can begin the kind of work that may change that perspective. Please support your local bakery. Karen is currently baking in Lima, Peru. But you can also find her here:

Photo Credit: Karen Man at San Francisco Baking Institute. March, 2019

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