There are some bombs that cannot be dodged
Do I choose
To take the impact with full force and an open heart
To absorb and yet not be consumed
by all that it brings

All of the fear and the pain
love and comfort
joy of discovery
the hot choking back of an unreleased scream

headaches from holding back tears
and restless sleep and yet
Relief for a break in the routine

The opportunity to look again at life
With renewed intensity
To feel and be felt
To grow and learn and cherish the life that is here
In the moments that we have

The bomb has dropped and imploded
We do not yet know the impact
How the shrapnel will fall

All I can do is choose to live it
Choose to be present
To love as best as I can
To feel, to hope for the best
To strive to be seen
And loved for who I am now

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