Hate is the Demon in the Dark, Creeping in to the Light. Disguised as Safety and Might.

Hate is the thing that thrives in disguise

Hidden behind righteousness

The cloak is Justice but it’s true face is Vengeance

Hate is the Boogeyman in the closet

The gun that thinks it’s name is protection

Familiarity may be a comfort

But it’s dark side is fear of what we don’t understand

Fear of the other

Bravery is not taking up arms against this other

But opening up our doors and taking a chance

Step outside with me and help me hold the torch

The most dangerous threat to society is not the stranger from outside

It’s the voice within ourselves that wants to build a wall

To guard against the Boogeyman

The other isn’t a demon. Or a thug. She is us. She may speak another language, know another world. She is alien and yet…ours. She is human. Her heart beats like mine. She is flawed like me. Beautiful.

Turn on the light. Open your eyes and our arms and see…

Hate is the thing that makes us harm ourselves.

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