Liquid Gold, and all the notes of stardust

My glass holds a little more liquid gold

I was skeptical at first

But came to appreciate it’s value

My heart has been warmed by the joy

Of good music and true emotion

And for now I can ignore the turmoil

Forget the fear

The music and the gold have pushed

until tomorrow

Th weight of reasonability that brings me to tears

Tomorrow I will be fat and out of shape

Tomorrow I will be broke and in debt

Tomorrow I will still be a child in my father’s eyes; incapable, broken- unsafe

Tomorrow- I will still be myself, all of me

And tonight, the same

In this moment

The gold is in my viens

And I’m lucky to be alive

I have learned to appreciate the good moments as they come

And build up resiliency against the bad

To learn from both

To be here


Full of gold

Full of music

Each note is beautiful

Each Harmony, chord, and echo

A heartbeat

A caress

A joy

The world is alive and dying around me

And this somehow is love

And Somehow I am made of stardust again

And I can see a horizon

I can see a shore

I can reach for the person I once was

Full of Hope and dreams once more

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