The poem “The Secret”

I wrote a poem once

About the secret

How we find it and lose it

How we could learn from it

Not take it for granted

At least

I think so

I lost the poem

But I’m always trying to remember it

I know it was important

I know that my 11 year old self

Had an insight into the world that was keen

A sharp mind, open and insightful and pure

I hope I find the poem again

Though it’s likely hopeles

One random college ruled paper with scribbles

Like hundreds of others

Lost among junk and life and forgotten detritus

That is the garage of my childhood

Maybe someday I’ll find it again

The secret

to life

to friendship

to love

The secret

To whatever it was

A whisper of clarity in the fog

A moment of meaning

“I know the answer!” I shall shout

And when it goes again

Maybe I”ll smile

And forever I’ll either search again

for that glimmer of clarity

Or be content to know I knew once

What I needed to know

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