I kept the gummy bears

Are there stale gummy bears where you go?

Made Pink and Gold with Dom Perignon

And filled with memories and ghosts of love long gone


Are there bubbles of champagne

Made of late nights

And filled with laughter and bad white boy dance moves

Unpaid tabs and Spanish better left unsaid


Is there the moon where you go

Not the everywhere moon,

But that Moon that feels like cold nights

a world locked in darkness, blanketed in

snow and ice

The moon that looks in on you as you snuggle in bed,

wide awake when you should be sleeping

Because there is someone who wants to talk to you from far away, keeping you awake


Are there bars with Hitachino on tap

Made with dirty poker tables and an awkward DJ booth

Filled with the sound of skateboard wheels on a

cramped wooden ramp, the ATM in the hall,

the smell of sweat and bad choices, punk rock

memories and too much -ness. #Brooklyn


Are there perfect days

Warm days

Walking all over

Being together

“Market Research”

We called it

And us


Is there an us where you’re going?

Is there this history we’ve made

The memories and the metaphorical house we’ve built

That makes our relationship real

It’s ups and downs and fights and

Everytime we came out stronger in the end


When you leave me holding this bag of things

Made of us

Do I throw it away too?



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