Amanda N. Young


Dreams have come and gone Some goals reached some not Most bigger and more important than Romance- and yet I’m driving through tunnels again And holding my breath I want to be enough to be loved When the light begins I breathe And try to shake it off And to think of the goals that […]


Choose a Better Kitchen Culture

“Don’t stay in a place that’s abusive, that’s not supportive of your growth and your sustained inclusion as part of the staff…Think of it as a buyer’s market…If you ‘buy’ your experience from the kind of place with a sustainable kitchen culture, it will put pressure on other kitchens to ‘sell’ the kind of culture that you are ‘buying’.”


Hello, Old Friend.

I called to wish you Happy Birthday I called to say Merry Christmas I called because it’s Wednesday I called just to say hey, catch me up Honestly, I just called to hear your voice Somehow, after everything we’ve been through, Despite the miles between us, And the new love in your life, And that […]