Amanda N. Young

Hello, Old Friend.

I called to wish you Happy Birthday I called to say Merry Christmas I called because it’s Wednesday I called just to say hey, catch me up Honestly, I just called to hear your voice Somehow, after everything we’ve been through, Despite the miles between us, And the new love in your life, And that […]


Happy Birthday, Old Man

where were you when the world turned grey when the quiet opened up our senses to something new where was your heart in that moment when the air around us became full the motes of dust had immense weight the light soft the sounds dimmed by the presence of infinity were you honest were you […]


The Daily Edit |17|

“Two sommaliers geek out over a wine list”.  Or, Camilla Laugerud takes a vacation to California from Norway (and it rained the whole time), and our friend John was gracious enough to offer her a tour. I just got to tag along.   Here is a photo of something I love to see, people excited […]