Amanda N. Young

I kept the gummy bears

Are there stale gummy bears where you go? Made Pink and Gold with Dom Perignon And filled with memories and ghosts of love long gone   Are there bubbles of champagne Made of late nights And filled with laughter and bad white boy dance moves Unpaid tabs and Spanish better left unsaid   Is there […]



Dreams have come and gone Some goals reached some not Most bigger and more important than Romance- and yet I’m driving through tunnels again And holding my breath I want to be enough to be loved When the light begins I breathe And try to shake it off And to think of the goals that […]


Choose a Better Kitchen Culture

“Don’t stay in a place that’s abusive, that’s not supportive of your growth and your sustained inclusion as part of the staff…Think of it as a buyer’s market…If you ‘buy’ your experience from the kind of place with a sustainable kitchen culture, it will put pressure on other kitchens to ‘sell’ the kind of culture that you are ‘buying’.”