Sustainable Fashion? YES. Yes, please.

Among designers and entrepreneurs who are simply killing it is Desiree Cadman Mendoza. Her work with Ziel, which includes 3-D printing of re-usable materials to create on demand, fashionable garments is getting some well earned recognition among fashion giants. The full article can be found here: in Vogue Online. Candace Huffine, who completed both the Boston and New York Marathons this past year, has launched an athletic wear line to create garments for a wide range of sizes and shapes. Her story and Day/Won were featured in Vogue’s November issue.

Ziel uses new innovations in tech to streamline custom active wear collections for clients wanting to take their healthy lifestyle brands into apparel without a long wait time, and without excessive waste.

Full disclosure, I’m lucky to call this bad-ass woman a friend, and I’m re-posting from her instagram post below.

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We Out Here #Ziel #vogue I was so elated to see this article yesterday!!! It's been two years since I began this journey with Marleen to begin Ziel and I know this is still only the beginning. 😉 To see our values and the change we want to to make come through in the voice of one of our best models THAT is what made me so happy 😊 Being in fashion is always hard and working in fashion is even harder. The fact that our method is what can make a change in the industry THAT is what we want to be in fashion. And THAT is what made it to VOGUE. We are all stewards for this earth each in our own way, let's get out there and start making more waves to change the way we think, what we create and how we create; get out there and inspire 😉

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