Hello, Old Friend.

I called to wish you Happy Birthday
I called to say Merry Christmas
I called because it’s Wednesday
I called just to say hey, catch me up
Honestly, I just called to hear your voice
Somehow, after everything we’ve been through,
Despite the miles between us,
And the new love in your life,
And that thing that came and went in mine,
Somehow, I hear you on the other end of the line,
And something settles inside of me
Something that feels a lot like home.
As I travel around the world
See the Northern Lights, the far horizons, the distant shores
Feel the wild rush of the new
You tell me I’m running
It’s not so untrue
What if I’m not running away but towards something
I haven’t found it yet
Maybe I never will
I can’t know unless I try
Maybe I’ll never settle
Still leaping off of rooftops trying to fly
I call because I love you
You let me be- completely myself
I miss you on the other end of this line
I wish you’d answer this time.

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