The Daily Edit

Doubling up on the photos today, since I missed yesterday due to several technical difficulties. We’re staying on the same trip as the last photo I posted. I had just arrived back to California, and I picked up my cousin from the airport. We drove the nutty mountain roads in the dark to Murphys, California, and then later to Yosemite with our families. An unexpected and lovely trip to welcome me back to my home state. I got to see half dome in person for the first time!

Nana at Yosemite.jpg
Angie Yribe. Yosemite, Ca. November, 2016

There are too many things to say about this woman. She is truly the person who I love the most in my life. She has taught me about unconditional love in the best way, by showing it to all who enter her world. I was so happy to enter Yosemite Valley for the first time in my life with her by my side. More love, every day. Thank you Nana.

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