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The Daily Edit

Doubling up on the photos today, since I missed yesterday due to several technical difficulties. We’re staying on the same trip as the last photo I posted. I had just arrived back to California, and I picked up my cousin from the airport. We drove the nutty mountain roads in the dark to Murphys, California, […]


The Daily Edit.

Remember that quote? “Dream big. Start small. But most of all, start.” – Simon Sinek I haven’t given myself time to forget it yet. I’ve decided to give myself small goals. One at a time. So here we go. First small goal- to edit and share photos from my last year of traveling and exploring- […]


A foray into wine studies

I feel I understand what may have motivated Maryse Chevriere of freshcutgardenhose to illustrate wine descriptions . I’m currently reading a treatise of a wine style by a Master of Wine.  I stumbled upon the website recently in my very broad stab at researching what I refer to as “my next move”.   I have […]