The Daily Edit |14|

I was pretty happy this last weekend to be able to have extra time to see a friend. To catch up, hang out, get a little video editing lesson, and take a few photos. One of the things that I have found essential as I am making an effort to build something new, is having people around who are also working on their own projects. We try and offer advice, give feedback, be sounding boards, and sometimes just- check in. Some of us are better than others with our workflow, consistency, or more advanced in one aspect or another. We can each offer different skills and ideas. For me, it’s good to have the accountability and encouragement. I love being able to work towards goals along side people in a non competitive, but inspiring way.

Wouldn’t have been in this spot at this time if not for my friend Justin Khanna, who wanted to take a

Photo Buddy

few photos of the Golden Gate. It’s nice to tag along on a ‘photo mission’ and drool over his fancy camera and ask lots of questions. Can’t wait till he visits again. And, his shots of the bridge are BEAUTIFUL.

The video Justin generously let me watch him edit was just posted on his youtube channel here. I highly recommend it.

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