The Daily Edit

Okay, I’m still considering this Day 2- even though it’s after midnight. Only because I just got home from work and to me it’s still the same day. Today’s image I may have posted a version of before. I have edited it again now with different software. Even after editing it again- each time I see it, I want very much to improve my photography skills. So that if I ever get an opportunity like this again, I can capture it in a way that is closer to what I saw and wanted to convey.

Aurora Borealis Bergen, Norway March 6, 2016

After service one evening, a handful of us walked outside to see the Nothern Lights over the lake. AMAZING! Right? I didn’t think I would get the chance to see them this trip. I was too far south in Bergen. It was truly an unusual phenomenon, to have the Aurora hit the atmosphere at such a low longitude. The best part was that I had two friends with me who were even more photo nerds than I, willing to geek out together and sit on the frozen ground for what I think was at least a half an hour- trying to get a good shot. Having the company there taking those photos with me-made it more than just an amazing sight, it made it a very special memory. I would say that Justin’s photo from that night is still my favorite. In any case, this one is mine.

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