Things happening, Things to come.

It’s my birthday, and I’ll work if I want to.

I’ve been in Norway for over a month already, and I’m terribly behind in writing about it.   I feel remiss in my responsibility to all of my friends and family who have been encouraging and engaged in my adventures.  Today I begin an attempt to rectify my lack of prose.

An incredibly generous friend of mine has lent me his old laptop for a few weeks, and I am making an effort to play catch up. (And figure out this laptop’s operating system. Grr.)  I’m almost overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start.  So I’ll do what I would do if I was tackling a huge project at work… Write a prep list, and start with the things that I know I can do quickly, or with tasks that I know are a priority.    To that effect, catching up means a lot of the posts that may follow will not be in chronological order.  I hope that I can find a voice in my writing that can convey my excitement and happiness, as well as my ongoing battle to find my awkward moments funny rather than embarrassing. My time so far at Lysverket in Bergen and at Minibakeriet in Eid has been nothing short of wonderful. I have loads of photos, and stories to tell.

Oh, and today I turn 30.  And yes, instead of out partying, I am sitting at the kitchen table “catching up” on “getting back” to the people I care about. This feels good.  More on my new age later, I assume.  For now, in response to the question I’ve already gotten a few times today: “How does it feel?”  I say: “Like I moved to Europe. Shit.”

Thank you for bearing with me.




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