I am the Pacific

waves rolling surf crashing

I am the give and take as

the marriage of the sea to the land

I may be at times serene and calm

often turbulent, angry, even a little crazy

always wild

but I don’t hide

plumb my depths if you like

who I am, how I feel

its on my face

in pain I scream, I cry, I lash out at myself in anger

in love there is fierce willful joy

I am contrary stubborn dangerous

I am strong I will survive

I change, every moment I am in motion

But in my heart I am the same

an ancient soul, a playful child

A changeling always roaming

can’t find a home if I’m afraid to fail

pushing forward moving onward

I am life giving sweetly loving

I am alive and breathing

sea salted misty air

I cut I bruise I burn bright in the flames of sunset

the stars are my ceiling I am limitless

only held back buy what I’m afraid to reach

today I am the ocean that I love

how I long to put my feet in the tide

lose my breath in the undertow

(the push of fear and the whoosh as it leaves my lungs

the first laughing breath of relief when I break free”

to short and scream and rage as the waves crash around me

to sing out my joy my love my need

and laugh

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